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At SureFlow Gutters, in addition to long ladders, we use the most efficient gutter cleaning technology available: a powerful high-reach vacuum cleaning system known as a Gutter Vac.

With its nozzle mounted on a high-reach telescopic pole that can extend to 45 feet, this professional, purpose-built system allows us to thoroughly clean out and unblock gutters up to four floors high while standing on the ground.

A high-definition wireless video camera or a specially designed mirror mounted at the top of the Gutter Vac's telescopic pole enables us to check that we have completely unblocked and cleaned out the rainwater system.


For difficult to access gutters - such as those above conservatories, extensions or narrow passageways - the Gutter Vac can often be used as a cheaper alternative to scaffolding or a cherry picker, usually saving the property owner a great deal of money in the process.   

And of course, even though our Gutter Vac gives great gutter cleaning results, we always carry long ladders on our van for close up inspections, repairs and installations.

The best gutter cleaning service available 

SureFlow Gutters are the gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter installation specialists of choice for homes and businesses in Inner London and Outer London.


We have built a strong reputation amongst both residential and commercial customers for quality of service, professionalism and competitive prices. 

  • FIXED PRICES, for your peace-of-mind 

  • 5 YEAR NO-QUIBBLE GUARANTEE on all installations

  • 2 YEAR NO-QUIBBLE GUARANTEE on all repairs and minor replacements

  • FREE NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE, usually within minutes

For your convenience we can usually view a photo of your property on Google Street View and then give you a free no-obligation quote over the phone or by email, without needing to visit your property first. Perfect if you lead a busy life as you won't need to wait in for the price. Alternatively, if necessary we can visit your property to provide a quote free of charge.




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Regular gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance is essential for the good health of your property
Regular gutter cleaning is essential
Gutter cleaning is essential

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Rainwater leaking or overflowing from blocked or broken gutters can cause serious damage to a property's structure and result in expensive repair and redecoration bills.


If the brickwork becomes water-logged in places (bricks are porous), moss can start to grow on the wet wall and cause it to retain even more water (see photo above).


To prevent this kind of damage to your property, and to avoid the resulting expense, we recommend that gutter cleaning is carried out at least once a year, with any necessary repairs or replacements carried out at the same time.